Speech Demo 2 Errors

Nov 24, 2015 at 12:17 AM
Hi, dear all,

When I run the speech demo, I have two errors.

1). I run the TrainSimpleTimit.sh script directly, it will have errors as below:
EXCEPTION occurred: minibatchframesourcemulti: too many files not found in label set--assuming broken configuration
I found this is about the MLF file. If I delete the path "Features/" from all the filename of the labels, the scripts will run well.

2). After I run the the scripts, all the output file stored in the "Output" folder has extension "log$$". I did not understand why the "$$" comes out.

Also, could any explain how to use the ShowConfusion.m, please? I have already got the confusionData after running the function of ComputeConfusion.

Thank you.