More move preparation

Jan 8, 2016 at 6:12 PM
Dear CNTK Contributors –

‘last year’ we announced that we are in the process of moving the CNTK project to GitHub. We will perform this move during the next week and will do our best to get it done quickly – but sometimes the devil is often in the detail.

Here are a few actions and precautions you should observe to make the moves as painless as possible:
  • Remove obsolete branches you created (see my mail from December 23rd)
  • Push you branches to Codeplex (origin) regularly (daily? Before heading home?)
    It is not necessary to merge your work into master, your ongoing work/branches will move over to GitHub as long as all as you ‘git push’ your work into your remote branche on Codeplex (a ‘git commit’ is not sufficient).
    Performing a regular rebase against master will make future integration work easier will keep you up-to-date with ongoing development in the master branch
We will sent more detail about the move as they become available –

Let us know any concerns or issues!