FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: CNTK will be moved to GitHub on January 18, 2016

Jan 15, 2016 at 7:52 PM
Dear CNTK Contributors,

This is the final announcement for the Github move of CNTK. We are planning to start the move on Monday, January 18, 2016. To make the transition as easy as possible for you, you should perform the following tasks by Sunday, January 17 (see this and this post):
  • Remove branches on the CNTK Codeplex repository you don’t need anymore
  • Any branch you pushed into CNTK master on Codeplex will migrate to GitHub, you won't lose any work you pushed!
  • Merge the contents of the Codeplex master branch with your branch (rebase) and push your branch into Codeplex (you don't need to push into master, the contents of all branches not merged into master will migrate to Github)
  • Apply for a Github account to be able to continue your work on GitHub (in case you have not done it yet)
We will start the migration around 9:00 UTC / 1:00am US Pacific / 17:00 Beijing on Monday, January 18. At this time Codeplex will go into read-only mode, and you won't have write access to CNTK on Codeplex. We will aim for concluding the transition during that Monday, so we anticipate that you will have access to CNTK on GitHub on Monday Afternoon UTC.

Several changes will be performed in this move:
  • Adjustment of license files
    • We change to the MIT license. License files will be changes/updated in the repository and in all branches
  • 1bit-SGD changes
    • The code for 1bit-SGD will be moved into a new repo on Github with a Microsoft academic license. We will be posting instructions for building/running CNTK with and without 1bit-SGD.
  • History rewrite
    • We will remove the current 1bit-SGD files from the git history, in addition we will clean several other areas in the git history (remove data files without license, remove large files >50MB from the history, …)
    • This process will change all commit hashes.
  • Copyright notices
    • In master we will update copyright notices in source files to the Microsoft standard. You will need to merge these changes into your branch.
  • Coding style
    • We will perform coding style changes in the master branch. This will effect mostly tab/spaces and indentation, but also some other minor portions of the source code. We will post information how you can use CLANG-FORMAT to perform similar changes on your branches
  • Documentation will be moved to the Wiki in GitHub. All Getting Started Wiki documentation will be ready at the time we open the repository, please notify us about any problems or issues. Existing documentation in the repository will stay in place, but the first place for future documentation about CNTK functionality should be the Wiki. Please help us with your input to keep this Wiki live and correct.
We will make another post still at this forum after the move is done.

Thank you,
Alexey (on behalf of the entire CNTK team)
Jan 18, 2016 at 8:30 AM
As announced above we have now locked the Codeplex CNTK repository.

The project is now being moved to GitHub and all previously announced chages are being performed. We will open the repository on GitHub as soon as possible.

Thank you,