CNTK - Practices and Preparartion

Dec 23, 2015 at 1:27 PM
Dear CNTK Contributors–

You will have noticed that we have increased our efforts in making CNTK an even better and more extensible tool for the community. We just went through a change in the project structure in the last week, and are planning more changes during the month of January. A major milestone in these changes is the planned moved to GitHub.

We want to do all these changes with as little interruption to your ongoing work as possible, and will inform you in a timely manner of major changes.

A couple of actions you can do to prepare for the changes:

(1) Make sure you push your branches
‘git push’ saves the committed content of your branch to the repository. This allows you to share the content of your work with others, but also makes sure the content of you branch will be available once we move to GitHub

(2) Rebase your active branches regularly
It is a good idea to rebase your branches based on the work in master. This will reduce your future integration cost. In general a ‘rebase’ is preferable over a ‘merge’ (it creates a cleaner repository history). More information can be found here:

(3) Delete branches you don’t need anymore
Removing expired branches is good practice, but can be tricky in Git. Please take a look at the branches you created, and remove branches which are not needed anymore. This minimizes clutter in the repo, and makes the transition easier

View the branches known to the repo
git branch –r --list
Deleting a remote branch
git push origin --delete <branch>
Deleting a local branch
git branch –D <branch>
‘-D’ will allow you to force delete un-merged branches (‘-d’ will not work on un-merged branches)

‘prune’ branches obsolete
git fetch --prune
In case you want more details on how to remove branches, try this link:

Don’t hesitate to ask us in case of questions or concerns